Nemanja Jovanovic

Nemanja Jovanovic’s day job at Caltech’s Optical Observatory and Exoplanet Technology Laboratory is to develop extremely customised astronomical instruments for observatories, he told Electro Optics earlier this year. So what are the technologies he is looking to in developing those new instruments? 

The nulling interferometry devices under development at Caltech’s Exoplanet Technology Laboratory cancel out starlight to help detect and identify foreign worlds. (Credit: Shutterstock/Dotted Yeti)

Emerging astrophotonics technologies

Nemanja Jovanovic, lead instrument scientist at Caltech’s Optical Observatory and Exoplanet Technology Laboratory, on emerging astrophotonic technologies on his radar

After the test disk is placed inside the chamber, some fine tuning is required to ensure they are horizontal and perfectly centred (credit: Caltech)

Making waves in cosmic ripple detection

LIGO scientists have developed a new mirror coating that could dramatically increase the observatory's detection rate of gravitational waves

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