Julie Sheridan Eng

Julie Sheridan Eng was named Coherent’s CTO in October 2022 after three years running the photonics manufacturer’s optoelectronic devices and modules business unit. In recent years, she has been involved primarily in the fibre optic communication and 3D sensing areas.


Hall A5 stand 321

Three-photon microscopy at 1300 nm is gaining popularity due to excellent transmission in brain and other tissues, thus maximising imaging depth. Two-photon optogenetic stimulation can target specific neuron populations with single-cell resolution, enabling all-optical physiology experiments. Monaco 1300, the latest addition to the Monaco portfolio, caters to researchers in these evolving fields, seeking a low-maintenance, integrated 3P imaging and 2P photo-stimulation source. 

Lumentum acquires Coherent

Two laser manufacturing giants are set to merge following Lumentum's announcement that it will acquire Coherent for $5.7 billion

PowerMax Pro OEM laser power sensor

The Coherent PowerMax Pro OEM is a laser power sensor, combining the response speed of a photodiode with the broadband wavelength coverage, large detection area, dynamic range, and laser damage resistance of a thermopile


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