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Delivering diagnostics

Gemma Church explains how Delta Optical Thin Film is helping to deliver miniaturised and accurate point of care diagnostics with its optical filters

How Delta Optical Thin Film is Meeting the Miniaturisation and Manufacturing Requirements of Today’s Optical Filters for Next-Generation Point of Care Devices

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The Point of Care (PoC) device market is growing rapidly and not just because of the effects of the recent pandemic. These instruments have various uses in medical diagnostics, including the detection of infectious diseases, testing haemoglobin levels and monitoring blood glucose levels. They are a popular choice for these types of tests as they only require a single drop of blood, saliva, or urine and can be performed by a GP within minutes.

Delivering diagnostics - Point of care

Gemma Church explains how optical filters from Delta Optical Thin Film help PoC diagnostic tests. As the world continues to fight the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s more important than ever to deliver the right medical diagnosis, at the right time. This is where point-of-care (PoC) instruments help, bringing diagnostic tests to the patient.

Designing miniaturised custom optical filters without compromising on optical output for fluorescence-based POC devices

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Optical filters are a key component of any optical system. As the market for advanced imaging and diagnostic technologies continues to increase, there is a growing requirement for high-quality optical filters that are designed and manufactured to adhere to specific customer requirements. Delta Optical Thin Film is developing optical filters 
for next-generation Point-of-Care (PoC) devices.

Delta Optical Thin Film (booth 3264; Bios 8264)

Delta Optical Thin Film will be showing its range of Circular Variable Filters - interference narrow bandpass filters deposited on circular substrates. Film thickness, and therefore the wavelength of peak transmittance varies linearly and continuously with angular position on the segment. They are ideally suited as monochromators in compact, non-dispersive spectrometers or with supercontinuum lasers, providing medium spectral resolution, or when information is desired at several specific wavelengths in the relevant spectral range.


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