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Asphere Specifications and Optical Performance

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Aspheric lenses are an extremely powerful tool for improving the per­formance of optical systems whilst also reducing the number of el­ements and consequently size and weight. It is important to understand, however, that aspheric optical components have their own set of specifications and manufacturing challenges. The use of sub-aperture grinding and polishing techniques create additional issues that need to be monitored and controlled to maximise the performance. Find out more about what to consider when specifying a high precision aspheric lens in the whitepaper from Edmund Optics.

Optics on the frontline

Dan Adams highlights the significant role that optics and photonics are playing in addressing the impact of Covid-19

Techspec HPi and HPr

Edmund Optics’ new Techspec HPr (high performance ruggedised) series fixed focal length lenses feature up to 9MP resolution


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