Edmund Optics

CCD based fluorescence spectrometer

Edmund Optics' CCD based fluorescence spectrometer features high sensitivity and low dark noise using a TE cooled, 2048 pixel linear CCD array to provide long operation stability and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio


Edmund Optics has introduced its new Techspec broadband anti-reflection coated right angle prisms for use with low power laser sources

UV Transmission Gratings

Edmund Optics, optical components provider, has introduced new UV transmission gratings that feature a UV grade fused silica substrate

Laser Speckle Reducers

Edmund Optics has introduced a range of Laser Speckle Reducers, which are ideal for a wide variety of beam homegenisation, 3D scanning, metrology, microscopy and interferometry applications

Multiband filters

Edmund Optics, a provider of optical components and tools, has introduced new multiband filters. These versatile filters are ideal for real-time live cell analysis and high speed imagery


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