Gentec-EO (booth 1649)

Gentec-EO will be showing its high-power detector for laser power measurement up to 15,000W. The gold reflector cone of the HP60A-15KW-GD is designed to handle the high intensities of very small laser beams. By reflecting the incident light on the sides of the aperture, the cone effectively spreads the intensity on a larger area, thus raising the damage threshold to 10kW/cm2 at the full power (15kW).


Gentec-EO’s product line, some of which will be on display at the show, includes a complete range of laser power and energy meters, photo detectors, broadband pyroelectric detectors, terahertz detectors, OEM detectors and beam diagnostics. This year the company introduced new wireless laser power detectors, M2 beam diagnostics, and Pronto HP power meters.


Gentec-EO has released a new high power detector that measures up to 2.5kW of average power

Flash-IPL probes

Gentec-EO has extended its Flash Handheld Laser Probes family of products with the introduction of the new Flash-IPL probes, specially designed for IPL sources


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