The new iC-HN device family from iC-Haus is suitable for extremely fast control of laser diodes with short pulses of down to only two nanoseconds


For the fast and safe position acquisition with sine/cosine encoders and linear systems iC-MR provides the complete position sensor and encoder interface in a system-on-chip solution

Design and test of fast laser driver circuits

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In laser sensor and measurement applications the challenges of the design of fast driver circuits is a very demanding task. This white paper describes the design of fast driver circuits, PCB layouts and optical measurement considerations, as well as a solution to achieve an ideal design for pulses as short as 2.5ns.


iC-Haus has released its iC-GF monolithic interface, with two independent switching channels that enables digital sensors to drive peripheral elements, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC) and relays, for example.

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