iC212 optical receiver for laser measurement

iC-Haus has introduced its new iC212 optical receiver for measurements of fast laser diode pulses. The device operates across a wide range of input frequencies (up to 1.4GHz) and wavelengths. The spectral sensitivity of the device ranges from the near-UV at 320nm up to IR wavelengths at 1,000nm. The active sensor area of the Si-PIN photodiode with lens measures 0.75mm², resulting in a gain of 1.625V/mW at 760nm, which allows optical powers in the sub-mW range to be detected. DC levels at the input can be compensated by means of an offset trimming feature. For easy mounting the iC212 comes with M6 screw threads and an optional fibre connector.

The iC212 is well suited to measuring the rise and fall times of laser beams, to optical power measurements, time-of-flight measurements, and quality control applications in laser module production.