Konica Minolta


Konica Minolta has introduced the CA-310, a new sensor suitable for measuring the brightness characteristics of LED backlights

2D Colour Analyzer CA-2000

A new instrument for high-accuracy two-dimensional measurements of the colour distribution and uniformity of all kinds of light-emitting devices, including various display devices

Colour Analyzer CA-100plus

The colour analyzer CA-100plus has set the standards for white balancing and colour control on CRT and plasma monitors for computer and TV displays.

Spectroradiometer CS-2000

Top of the line portable spectroradiometer for high-speed measurements of any kind of light source, fulfilling highest requirements in accuracy and reliability levels.

Chroma-Meter CS-200

The CS-200 enables highly accurate luminance and chromaticity measurements. Suitable for many applications such as car audio control panels, vehicle instrument panels and compact LCDs etc.

Chroma-Meter CS-100A

Handheld spot SLR tristimulus colorimeter for the measurement of luminance (cd/m²) and chromaticity (CIExy). Ideal for the measurements of LEDs, tungsten, fluorescent lamps, traffic signals and more

UV Radiometer UM-10

The UM-10 is a small, handy, modularly constructed instrument with a choice of three receptor heads to record UV radiation in the spectral area of 220nm to 480nm. Within this wide measurement range of 0.1 to 199,900µW/cm²

Chroma-Meter CL-200

Handheld colorimeter for the measurement of illuminance (lux), chromaticity (CIExy) and colour temperature (Tk). Ideal for the assessment of all kind of incident light sources.

Luminance-Meter LS-110

Same as LS-100 but with 1/3° measuring area for small objects such as LEDs. With optional lenses, the minimum measuring area can be as small as Ø1.4mm


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