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Konica Minolta has introduced the CA-310, a new sensor suitable for measuring the brightness characteristics of LED backlights.

Although the emission wavelength distribution*1 of conventional backlights, such as fluorescent lamps, is uniform, it varies somewhat from LED to LED. When TVs with different LEDs are adjusted using a conventional colour analyser, they may show colours that are significantly different from each other, resulting in colour reproduction that is incorrect compared to the original colours. In order to resolve this problem, Konica Minolta developed a new sensor with sensitivities that even more closely match the CIE 1931 colour-matching functions*2 to enable correct measurements even if emission wavelength distribution varies. The CA-310 equipped with this new sensor makes it possible to properly adjust even LED-backlit LCDs TVs to reproduce images very close to the original with natural colour.

The CA-310 also offers ten times the measuring speed of the company's luminance colorimeter (Konica Minolta Chroma Meter CS-200), which provides the equivalent high level of accuracy as the CA-310 but is intended for different purposes. The greatly enhanced work efficiency of the CA-310 makes it ideal for use on LED-backlit LCD TV production lines, where it can contribute to increased production efficiency.