Laser Physics

4D Technology's measurement systems

Laser Physics is now supplying 4D Technology's new range of products for the measurement of 300mm diameter optics, which have been designed around a standard, 100mm aperture AccuFiz interferometer.

Kentek Table Guard Barrier System

Laser Physics, a UK distributor for laboratory laser safety solutions, has begun distributing the Kentek Table Guard Barrier System, a new optical bench laser safety system, to customers in Europe

FizCam 3000

Laser Physics has launched the FizCam 3000 from 4D Technology, a Fizeau interferometer developed for accurate measurement of meter-class optics and general optical elements.

Laser safety products

Laser Physics have introduced three new products to improve laser safety: laser safety eyewear, an interlock system, and a software suite to assist calculations associated with laser safety standards.


Available through Laser Physics, Modu-Laser has added the 300mW multiline laser to its range of air-cooled argon lasers. Using its single package design, the Stellar-Pro-L gives polarised TEM00 output.

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