Laser safety products

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Laser Physics have introduced three new products to improve laser safety: laser safety eyewear, an interlock system, and a software suite to assist calculations associated with laser safety standards. The new XC laser safety eyewear frame from Laser Physics are comfortable frames from those who need prescription eyewear, with cushions on every point of contact with the face to provide greater comfort and impact resistance.

A detachable Rx insert frame is included with every pair of Glendale XC laser safety eyewear, so your optician can fit prescription lenses (will fit +3, -3 diopters). The XC is available with a range of EN207 ‘L’ rated filters covering UV through to IR applications.

Any laser system that contains a Class 3B laser must have interlocks to contain the hazard. Interlocks must be connected to any point where the hazard can be accessed, and they must disable the laser when the circuit is broken. To meet this demand, Laser Physics has introduced the iNTELLILOCK interlock control system, which consists of a base unit connected to remote nodes, which are assigned to each physical interlock.