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Great detection

Keely Portway finds out how advances in dual-frequency comb spectroscopy could help to significantly speed-up the rate of detection in a wide range of applications

1 GHz dual-comb spectrometer for fast and broadband measurements

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Dual-frequency comb spectroscopy permits broadband precision spectroscopic measurements with short acquisition time. A dramatic improvement of the maximal spectral bandwidth and the minimal measurement time can be expected when the lasers’ pulse repetition rate is increased, owing to a quadratic dependence (Nyquist criterion). This white paper demonstrates a dual-comb system operating at a high repetition rate of 1 GHz based on mature, digitally-controlled, low-noise modelocked lasers

Menhir Photonics (booth 3138)

Menhir Photonics offers industrial-grade femtosecond lasers operating at 1,550nm with GHz repetition-rates and ultra-low noise performance. Combined with their unprecedented reliability, these laser enable applications both in the field and in industrial environments. An ultrafast laser that’s as precise and reliable as a Swiss timepiece.

A technician loads a wedged focus lens, a key element in the NIF final optics assembly, into a cleaning/coating frame

Learning curve

Keely Portway finds out how the latest advances in photonics have enhanced the research environment, and how they have translated to the commercial sector

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