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Ophir will demonstrate how users can measure critical beam parameters in industrial environments at high power levels with Ophir BeamWatch Integrated


MKS Instruments has announced the L50(150)A-LP2-35, the newest addition to the Ophir line of LP2 laser power/energy sensors with high damage threshold


Ophir will be displaying the BeamSquared, an M2 laser beam propagation system designed to help users optimise laser performance. A robust, portable device, BeamSquared automatically measures the propagation characteristics of CW and pulsed lasers in less than a minute. It can optionally measure wavelengths above 1.8µm in manual mode, including CO2 and terahertz. BeamSquared is designed for continuous use applications, from scientific research to rapid prototyping, fabrication and machining.

Mission Impossible? Measuring Signals Below the Noise Floor with a Lock-In Amplifier

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Measuring optical signals in the femtowatt (10-15) to nanowatt (10-9) range can be a daunting task. In order to achieve significant improvements in noise rejection we need to turn to a lock-in amplifier, which can improve noise rejection by 3 orders of magnitude or more.

FluxGage - A Photometric Test System for LED Luminaires Based on Solar Panels

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We present a novel photometric test system for LED luminaires. The new photometric system called 'FluxGage' uses solar panels to detect and measure light. By placing a diffuser and a black pinhole array over a solar panel we achieve a detection surface that is also an absorber. This enables the system to be the same size as the DUT (Device Under Test), as opposed to an integrating sphere, which is at least 3 times larger than the DUT. Simulations and experimental results show that this system can measure total flux with an uncertainty of 4.3%.

Ophir RM9-Thz radiometer

MKS Instruments has announced the Ophir RM9-Thz radiometer, a low noise, high sensitivity sensor for measuring low power levels of 50nW to 100mW from short pulse or CW lasers in the 0.7 to 10THz wavelength range


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