MSX-500Di Digital Microscope

Moritex has released the MSX-500Di Digital Microscope, which incorporates a high quality CCD imaging system and adjustable high-intensity LED lighting enabling it to deliver sharp well-lit images from 1x to 500x magnification without changing lenses.

Prelude LED lighting range

Moritex has released its new Prelude LED lighting range, which combines affordability, reliability, performance and ease of integration with machine vision systems.

Moritex catalogue

Moritex has released 116-page general catalogue of machine vision light sources, fibre light guides and LED illumination products.

LightScope mini

The LightScope mini from Moritex is a small-diameter industrial endoscope for remote viewing of inaccessible structures.

Moritex software for Triplesense

Moritex has released new software for its Triplesense skin counselling monitor to assist cosmeticians maximise the effectiveness of their advanced skin counselling sessions

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