MSPP Series of LED Spot Projectors

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Moritex has released the MSPP Series of LED Spot Projectors designed to replace conventional halogen point light sources as well as fibre optic illumination solutions.

Available in two versions, for narrow and wide lighting area applications, MSPP LED Spot projectors provide stable, uniform illumination improving the performance of image processing applications. Compact and lightweight in design, MSPP LED Spot projectors offer bright illumination over a wide range of working distances (500-2000mm) and lighting areas.  Consequently the new LED light sources allow for a wide range of movement within the working distance and can be used even when robots are close to inspection targets. Using proprietary technology, MSSP LED Spot Projectors achieve low temperature emission and low energy consumption making it possible to save energy and reduce environmental impact.

Constructed to IP67 standards to stop the ingress of water droplets or oil mist, MSSP LED Spot Projectors can be installed in most machine vision working environments. The LED light source cover glass is replaceable making maintenance easy to perform. MSSP LED Spot Projectors offer a long operating life and are designed to be RoHS compliant. MSSP LED Spot Projectors use a versatile connector, making it possible to use cables that support spatter.