Liekki ytterbium fibres

nLight has introduced highly doped, photodarkening resistant ytterbium fibres, featuring absorption at 920nm up to 60 per cent higher than conventional fibres

Pearl diode lasers

nLIGHT has released its Pearl fibre-coupled diode laser products specifically designed for industrial applications such as plastic welding and soldering that require bright power in a small, rugged package.

Pearl solid-state laser

nLight has expanded its Pearl solid-state laser platform into wavelengths 879 to 888nm, with electrical-optical efficiency greater than 50 per cent, and power levels up to 100W.

Large Mode Area All Erbium Fibres

nLight has released its very large mode area (LMA), low numerical aperture (NA), all erbium fibres manufactured using its Direct Nanoparticle Deposition (DND) active fibre production technology.

Liekki Application Designer v4.0

nLight has released version 4.0 of the Liekki Application Designer (LAD). LAD is a design tool for high-power applications providing a platform for simulating and optimising fibre amplifiers and fibre laser systems.


nLight's Pearl product series now produces up to 100W out of 400ìm 0.22NA fibre, and 40W out of 200ìm 0.15NA fibre, both with greater than 50 per cent wall-plug efficiency.


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