Optical Surfaces

Unveiling the Cosmos

Dr Aris Kouris, executive director of sales at Optical Surfaces, was asked about the latest challenges and trends in modern astronomy

On-axis parabolic mirrors

Optical Surfaces offers a complete manufacturing and test capability to produce on-axis parabolic mirrors up to 600mm (24-inches) in diameter

Vacuum compatible reflective beam expanders

Optical Surfaces vacuum compatible reflective beam expanders are aspheric mirror-based devices offering either beam expansion or reduction capabilities. Incorporating high precision off-axis mirrors, they provide an unobstructed output and highly efficien

Reflective collimators

Optical Surfaces has developed self-aligning isolating feet as a new option for its range of fully enclosed, pre-aligned reflective collimators

Reflective Beam Expanders

Optical Surfaces has introduced new smaller diameter (25-60mm) Reflective Beam Expanders for space restricted applications such as for high power lasers and multi-wavelength interferometry


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