Power Technology

The Concerto

Power Technology has developed the 442nm solid state HeCd replacement laser, the Concerto. This unit is able to overcome limits faced by traditional HeCd lasers and laser diodes

IQ6 laser

Power Technology has introduced a laser diode module for high-end OEM applications

PM model lasers for OEM applications

Power Technology is now offering more powerful versions of its PM model industrial-grade laser modules designed for standard or rugged OEM environments demanding durability and high output power

Green PNF laser module

Power Technology, a laser manufacturer, has introduced a green wavelength version of its successful PNF series laser module for machine vision

Lasers for machine vision

Power Technology (PTI) has introduced an expanded line of its PNF series drop-in replacement lasers designed specifically for machine vision applications

PMi laser module

Power Technology has released the PMi laser module, which can produce 450mW from lasers ranging from 405nm to 2330nm.


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