PNF Series green wavelength spectrum lasers

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Power Technology has launched its PNF Series green wavelength spectrum lasers for surgical and X-ray alignment applications on dark or pigmented skin.

Green lasers are much more visible to the human eye against dark or pigmented skin than traditional red wavelength surgical lasers. The Green PNF Series can deliver an output power of either 20mW or 45mW with a wavelength of 515nm. They also have design features such as uniform intensity (non-Gaussian) line generators, variable focus technology, high wavelength stability, high optical power stability, and continuous wave or optional digital, analogue modulation up to 500kHz or more.

Power Technology sales and engineering vice president, Walter Burgess, said: ‘We are excited about our newest offering, This new offering further increases the available choices of green wavelength structured light lasers designed for medical and surgical applications.’