Pro-Lite Technology


Safe surgery

From correcting vision to treating cancer, lasers have a variety of uses inside hospitals and clinics.  As with any application involving a laser, rigorous attention needs to be paid to safety. However, this becomes more difficult when the user isn’t an engineer and may be performing delicate life-saving procedures.  



Pro-Lite Technology has introduced a portable, touch-screen illuminance photometer designed along similar lines to a smart phone; the CL-70F from Konica Minolta


New spectroradiometers

Distributor Pro-Lite Technologies has introduced two new spectroradiometer products - the TOCS series of integrating sphere spectroradiometers from Labsphere and the USB2000+IRRAD based on an Ocean Optics spectrometer

Near-field goniophotometry supports the development of energy efficient luminaires and solid state lighting

The measurement of luminaires has traditionally been performed with a photometer placed in the far-field, which measures the illuminance from the light source one angle at a time. A near-field goniophotometer exploits the latest advances in imaging photometry and represents a more affordable and flexible option compared with a far-field instrument.


LaserCam HR

Coherent has expanded its range of LaserCam HR laser beam profilers with high resolution models designed for testing lasers in the ultraviolet and near infrared bands.