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Laser Safety: Don’t get burnt

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Since their invention in 1960, lasers have become ever more widely deployed in scientific research, in medicine, in industrial materials processing, in telecommunications as well as in numerous consumer applications. What hasn’t changed over the years is the extreme optical hazard that many laser beams present. This article will review the reasons why laser light can be uniquely dangerous, explain how to go about choosing protective eyewear and provide an update on the latest developments in laser safety.

The theory & application of integrating spheres

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In this white paper, Pro-Lite’s Robert Yeo explains how the integrating sphere came into existence, what it does, how it works, and how it is used to simplify what would otherwise be complex measurements in fields such as radiometry & photometry, in measuring the optical properties of materials and in the calibration and distortion correction of cameras and image sensors.

Hyperspectral Imaging - a Technology Update

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Hyperspectral sensors offer a number of advantages thanks to their ability to identify and quantify molecular absorption. Hyperspectral imaging is widely used in applications including food and agriculture, mineralogy, surveillance, astronomy, chemical imaging and many more. This white paper provides a glimpse of some new developments within hyperspectral imaging technology, highlighting what is a rapidly changing imaging landscape.

Radiometry & photometry: The dark art of light metrology

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The science of measuring the amount, spectral and spatial distribution of light emitted by a source is generally poorly understood. Few university-level physics or engineering syllabuses review the principles of optical radiation measurement, let alone the practicalities. This is despite our interacting with light almost constantly, both in nature and in our work and leisure activities. This white paper reviews the fundamental principles of light metrology.


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