Pro-Lite Technology

Pro-Lite Technology

To celebrate its 15th anniversary, Pro-Lite Technology has booked its largest stand to date (24m2) to better display new and innovative products

Safe surgery

Matthew Dale discovers what medical laser users are looking for to ensure safety in their clinics


Pro-Lite Technology has introduced a portable, touch-screen illuminance photometer designed along similar lines to a smart phone; the CL-70F from Konica Minolta

New spectroradiometers

Distributor Pro-Lite Technologies has introduced two new spectroradiometer products - the TOCS series of integrating sphere spectroradiometers from Labsphere and the USB2000+IRRAD based on an Ocean Optics spectrometer

Carbon fibre breadboads

UK distributor Pro-Lite Technology has announced that it now distributes the line of carbon fibre breadboads manufactured by CarbonVision, offering enhanced dampening and thermal properties compared to steel

Near-field goniophotometry supports the development of energy efficient luminaires and solid state lighting

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The measurement of luminaires has traditionally been performed with a photometer placed in the far-field, which measures the illuminance from the light source one angle at a time. A near-field goniophotometer exploits the latest advances in imaging photometry and represents a more affordable and flexible option compared with a far-field instrument.


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