Schott to acquire laser glass-bonding firm Primoceler

Schott has entered into an agreement to acquire Primoceler, a Finnish specialist in glass micro bonding, to advance its competance in the field of hermetic packaging. Primoceler’s technology creates new possibilities for protection of sensitive electronics


Schott will be presenting the newest updates to its established product Zerodur, which has now been used for five decades as a high precision glass-ceramic material. Currently, the product is being used in the manufacture of the primary mirrors for the Extremely Large Telescope (ELT) of the European Southern Observatory, which will consist of 798 hexagons. Astronomers rely on Zerodur because all of the stability and the ability to handle extreme temperature fluctuations.

LG-960 eye-safe laser glass

Schott presented its new 'eye-safe' laser glass LG-960 at Optatec 2016. The laser glass is ideal for operation with 1.5 micron laser systems in range finding, LIDAR and medical applications

Foturan II

Schott has announced the improved photo-sensitive glass Foturan II. This material is characterised by advanced photosensitivity and homogeneity

Online-calculation tool

Prazisions Glas & Optik has released a free online-calculation tool to calculate the transmittance of any Schott optical glass filter

Solidur TO LED

SCHOTT recently introduced its autoclavable and highly durable Solidur LED product line for use in medical and dental technology to the market


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