Online-calculation tool

Prazisions Glas & Optik has released a free online-calculation tool to calculate the transmittance of any Schott optical glass filter

Solidur TO LED

SCHOTT recently introduced its autoclavable and highly durable Solidur LED product line for use in medical and dental technology to the market

Solidur Ring LED

SCHOTT has developed a new ring-shaped High Brightness LED. The Solidur Ring LED is the world's first ring-shaped autoclavable light source, performing efficiently over a long period of time

Puravis GOF120

Schott has expanded its portfolio of lead-free Puravis step index fibres for illumination applications to include the GOF120. The new glass fibre achieves an aperture angle of up to 120 degrees

Coating materials

Schott is now offering a range of coated materials for laser applications, including coated active glass devices and passive components made from materials such as Schott N-BK7 and FK5 optical glasses

VG20 glass filter

Schott has launched the filter glass VG20, which protects against dangerous infrared radiation. It protects against red and near infrared (NIR) radiation at wavelengths above 650nm

LG-940 laser glass

At the Laser World of Photonics, Schott has been showcasing its 'eye-safe' LG-940 laser glass, which it says is ideal for operation at 1.5 microns in medical applications, analytical measurement and range finding


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