Metalens imaging simulation in Synopsys BeamProp BPM tool. Credit: Synopsys

Scaling challenges of metasurfaces

Greg Blackman explores the optical design approaches for modelling metasurfaces

Unlocking better bio-optics

Gemma Church explains how LightTools, from Synopsys, makes tissue modelling more accessible to design next-gen diagnostics.

Modeling biological tissues in lighttools

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This paper presents the most up to date compilation of research and data available in the literature regarding the optical properties of human tissue. The relevant optical, biological, and measurement details are presented to illustrate the necessary considerations that should be observed when modeling human tissue in LightTools. It also describes how this information has been incorporated into a new Human Tissue Utility. This utility aims to take some of the guesswork out of creating User Materials that model biological tissues. 


Synopsys' Optical Solutions Group (hall B2, booth 307) is a developer of optical design and analysis tools


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