Photonics West preview

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Photonics West preview

Photonics West 2006 takes place at the San Jose Convention Center, USA from 24-26 January. Here, we preview some of the highlights. The Photonics West show, organised by SPIE, is a highlight of the year for many in the industry. The accompanying technical programme, which runs from 21-26 January, features more than 2,800 papers, and a separate Biomedical Optics exhibition takes place from 21-22 January. More than 1,000 exhibitors will be displaying their latest product launches during the course of the show, and it's also an excellent opportunity to network, with many evening events accompanying the main exhibition. More than 13,000 visitors are expected to attend.

Featured Exhibitors

  • Berliner Glas KGaA/Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co
  • Coherent
  • Elforlight Ltd
  • Frankfurt Laser Co
  • Hamamatsu Photonics
  • Laser Components (UK) Ltd
  • Laser Quantum
  • Miniflex
  • Photonic Products Ltd
  • Photonic Solutions
  • PicoQuant
  • Quality Laser Optics
  • Sira
  • Specialised Imaging Ltd
  • Telops

Berliner Glas KGaA/Herbert Kubatz GmbH & Co

Berliner Glas Group is one of Europe's leading suppliers of precision optics, from thin-film coated optical components to complex optical systems.

At Photonics West, the company will show the complete optical spectrum, from coated spherical or plano optics to assemblies and systems solutions.

The company analyses, designs, plans precisely, produces, and measures all from one source. High-grade components of superior accuracy are at the centre of its focus. Its plane and spherical lenses are precise, and manufactured to tight dimensions. Its thin-film coating technology and processes satisfy all reflective and anti-reflective requirements with various different materials and layer thicknesses, in the spectral ranges of DUV, UV, VIS, NIR, and IR and also in the production of filters with and without gradation.

Whether you need single precision optical components, opto-mechanical modules, electro-optical assemblies or complete systems or MEMS packaging technology - visit Berliner Glas Group to solve your problems.

Tel: +49 30 60 90 50
Booth: 1745


In the highly sophisticated photonics industry, Coherent leads the way, offering reliability, performance and cost advantages for a wide range of commercial/industrial, medical instrumentation, and scientific research applications.

The company designs and manufactures the industry's largest and most diversified selection of laser-based photonics products - including lasers and laser-driven systems, precision optics, and a complete range of test, measurement and control products.

Founded in 1966, Coherent has offices, manufacturing sites, service centres, subsidiaries and representatives all over the world. Currently, the company employs more than 2,000 people in these facilities.

Reliability and performance are the foundations of its corporate culture. Based on the company's core expertise in lasers and optical technologies, its strategy is to continue to develop innovative and proprietary products and solutions that meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Coherent's main laser product lines include CO2, tunable-dye, ion, continuous-wave, YAG, YLF, ultrafast, and diode-pumped solid-state lasers.

The company also designs and manufactures its own diode lasers. This leads to a broad selection of diode lasers and diode laser systems, which it sells commercially and uses in its own lasers.

Visit the company at Photonics West to see its expanded portfolio of Q-switched DPSS Lasers.

Tel: +1 408 764 4983
Booth: 817

Elforlight Ltd

Elforlight manufactures a range of cutting-edge diode-pumped solid state lasers, CW and q-switched, IR to UV. The company specialises in customising specifications to meet particular customer needs.

Products include: G4/B4 single frequency 532/473nm lasers up to 250mW; L series CW 1064 outputs to 8W and 1342nm to 2W; HPG CW 532nm up to 5W, modulation to >100kHz; SPOT lasers, <2ns pulses at up to 50kHz+, 1064, 532, 355, 266nm; and YLF variants produce outputs at 1047/1053/523/527/349/355nm.

Applications include spectroscopy, reprographics, holograph, interferometry, biomedical, LDV, PIV, LIBS, displays, materials processing, ranging, alignment etc.

Innovations include FQ series lasers (pictured) for micromachining, materials processing, trimming, scribing and marking. These lasers provide more than 6W average power, 1-100kHz operation, and pulsewidths from 5ns. Second harmonic versions also find applications in flow visualisation, holography and interferometry.

A specially tailored third harmonic variant (FQ-UV) is ideal as a replacement for a Nitrogen laser, producing >100µJ at 1kHz with 4ns pulse widths, for new high throughput MALDI-TOF mass spectroscopy applications, with low (1ns) jitter from an external trigger input. Remote pump diodes enable easy field exchange.

Tel: +44 (0)1327 300069
Booth: 6222, 6249 (c/o Altos inc)

Frankfurt Laser Co

Frankfurt Laser Co will be showcasing its MicroGreen and MiniGreen lasers - the market's smallest OEM industry-grade DPSS green laser head offering optical output in 1-5mW and 50-100mW power range.

The MicroGreen laser is mounted on a 5.6mm laser diode header and measures 9mm in length. Respectively, the MiniGreen measures 9mm diameter and 13mm length. The lasers are passively cooled and developed to be incorporated in devices demanding small space and low current consumption. At 5mW of optical power output MicroGreen requires as low as 200mA of input current and can be powered with 1.8VDC. The lasers demonstrate perfect Gaussian beam profile and low optical noise <1.5 per cent.

Applications include: target designation, pointing and alignment, marking, laser displays, nondestructive testing, underwater imaging, crystal inspection, photo processing, medical imaging and treatment, patient positioning, wafer inspection, micro-material processing, particle counting, metrology, interferometry, printing, and photo-luminescence.

Tel: +49 61 72 2798 0
Booth: 115

Hamamatsu Photonics

Hamamatsu will be launching the latest addition to its Mini Spectrometer Module product family, the TM series, C10082MD and C10083MD.

The new TM spectrometer modules use a similar transmission grating optical arrangement to the existing TG range, additionally incorporating a focusing mirror to provide high optical throughput and high sensitivity.

The C10082MD is optimised for UV-VIS operation in the 200nm to 800nm waveband, and the C10083MD operates from 320nm to 1000nm.

All modules consist of a palm-top size polychromator integrated with optical elements, a photodiode array optimised for the required wavelength range, and an image sensor driver circuit. The standard spectrometer module ../includes an integrated USB interface to allow simple PC connection and data acquisition. It is supplied with sample software, allowing the user to set measurement conditions, acquire and save data and display it graphically. This makes it quick and easy to start taking basic spectral measurements. Optionally, the company can supply the modules without the USB interface for OEM customers.

The new miniature spectrometer modules are ideal for applications such as UV-VIS spectrometry, colour measurement, fluorescence measurements, life science, tooth decay analysis, medical diagnostics, in-line product inspection and many more.

Tel: 00 800 800 800 88
Booth: 826/827

Laser Components (UK) Ltd

The Laser Components organisation is proud to present to the photonics community its latest new product - Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs). The Si APDs are manufactured by Laser Components and are a 'perfect match' to its pulsed laser diodes at 850nm and 905nm, also produced in-house. The pulsed laser diodes (PLDs) have gained immediate acceptance into the marketplace since their introduction. The APDs are now in full production and available for the Photonics West Exhibition. Offered now is a low cost high performance transmitter/receiver combination with the PLDs and APDs from a single source in what the company calls the 'perfect match'.

Tel: +44 (0)1245 492499
Booth: 1333

Laser Quantum

Laser Quantum, the UK-based DPSS laser manufacturer, will be displaying its OEM femtosecond Ti:S pump-source, the Opus, at the Photonics West exhibition this year.

The Opus is a 2W, 532nm laser with a near diffraction-limited beam (M2<1.1). The head is designed to be highly resilient and the switch-mode driven power supply - the smd6000 - is compact, silent and extraordinarily efficient, generating very little waste heat.

As a result of the high mode-quality, the Opus is also extremely quiet, with a noise specification of <1 per cent (1-5MHz), and long-term stability <2 per cent rms.

The cavity is permanently aligned using stress-free optical mounts and the head itself is machined from a single block of aluminium, which is thermally relaxed to ensure no misalignment due to strain. In addition, all critical components are thermally regulated using PID temperature controllers to maintain optimum performance. Finally, the pump diode is Coherent manufactured Aluminium-free Active Area (AAA), giving an unparalleled lifetime.

The Opus is designed specifically for ultra-fast, OEM applications, complementing its sister products, the Finesse 4W and 6W 532nm lasers.

Tel: +44 (0)161 975 5303
Booth: 437


Miniflex provides solutions for protecting and managing optical fibres and fibre optic cables. The company's Fibre Bend Limiting Tube (FBLT) offers the ultimate protection to fibres, thus eliminating problems such as crushing, kinking, macro and micro bending, while supplying an entire, self-managing solution for the routing of the fibre. FBLT is hard plastic tubing which is made flexible through the unique and patented Miniflex process. It offers a very hard protective covering for fibre optics that is nevertheless flexible and easy to install. FBLT also has a smooth bore, which is crucial to avoiding damage to the fibre. Core to the technology is the bend protection, since all transmission signals in fibre optics fail if the fibre is bent too tightly.

FBLT is available in many sizes and, with a range of tough, stable, Underwriters Laboratories-rated fire retardant and low smoke zero halogen (LSZH) materials, can provide solutions for the majority of user environments. Miniflex also offers a wide variety of fibre management accessories to complement FBLT, ranging from its compact flat manifold to its modular, stackable storage tray system.

Tel: +44 (0)1728 726600
Booth: 1941

Photonic Products Ltd

Photonic Products is an ISO9001:2000 certified manufacturer of electro-optical sub-assemblies and optoelectronic components based on semiconductor laser diode technology, which deliver powerful performance and manufacturing efficiencies to OEM companies.

Its newest product, designed for use in machine vision, medical imaging, inspection systems and alignment, is a 660nm laser module that incorporates a high power laser diode, (100mW absolute max. optical output power), in a 9mm package, with an internal monitor photodiode that enables the output power of the module to be accurately stabilised over its operating temperature range.

Photonic Products, established in 1995, has offices in the UK, USA and Germany. Services include an automatic sliding head lathe to machine complex components, a prototype machine centre, 3D CAD mechanical design, optical modelling, electronic design, laser beam profiling and wavelength measurement.

The company is also a specialist distributor of high performance industrial laser diodes from Sanyo, Sony and Opnext, LEDs and optical lenses from Panasonic and Philips.

Tel: +44 (0)1279 717170
Booth: 2040

Photonic Solutions

Teem Photonics (Grenoble, France), represented in the UK by Photonic Solutions, specialises in microlasers and integrated optics. It is featuring its line of passively Q-switched microlasers, acquired from JDS Uniphase.  These are compact DPSSLs distinguished by their high energy and sub nanosecond pulses at high repetition rates. These PQS lasers operate in the NIR, green and UV (1535, 1064, 532, 355 and 266nm) frequencies and are used in biophotonic, micromachining, marking, surveying, sensing and many other applications. Teem Photonics is also presenting its integrated optical components for packaged diode laser applications.

Tel: 0131 664 8122
Booth: 6151 (Teem Photonics)


PicoQuant, based in Berlin, Germany, is one of the leading companies in the field of single photon counting instrumentation. The product line ../includes pulsed light sources, photon counting instrumentation and fluorescence lifetime systems.

PicoQuant's new product developments include the fully computer-controlled multichannel diode laser PDL 808 - Sepia II, the PicoHarp 300, a high-end TCSPC Module with USB 2.0 interface, and the PicoTA - an amplified pulsed diode laser system at 780nm and 1060nm, which is also available as a frequency doubled version at 530nm.

PicoQuant also just released four new picosecond pulsed LEDs at 280nm, 295nm, 310nm and 340nm, to complete the range of pulsed LED sources already available from 370 to 600nm.

In a close collaboration with Olympus, PicoQuant now offers a fluorescence lifetime and FCS upgrade kit for laser scanning microscopes including comprehensive data analysis software for FLIM, FRET, FCS and many more.

Tel: +49 30 6392 6560
Booth: 1233

Quality Laser Optics

Situated in the Isle of Man, Quality Laser Optics is a manufacturer of high quality laser optics. Specialist fields are very flat optics, large optics and high laser damage threshold optics. At 2150mm diameter the company has the largest continuous pitch-polishing machine in the UK. This allows the company to precision-polish large optics in excess of one metre diameter. In addition, the company has recently purchased a 2438mm diameter machine.

In order to have the best conditions possible, the testing room has been custom-built, with separate foundations from the main building to minimise any vibration. Interferograms from the company's 12-inch zygo interferometer will give customers the confidence that the company's quality is more than adequate for their requirements. Great care is taken to make sure that every optic that leaves the facility meets the strict requirements of customers. Inspection techniques have been developed by listening to customers' needs and investing in equipment that can guarantee these needs are met.

Quality Laser Optics can supply standard optics from stock with a fast delivery. The company will work with you from the prototype stage through to production quantities.

Tel: 01624 822724
Booth: 243


Sira supports the creative process of innovation and provides expertise in the development and commercialisation of technology-based solutions for the biomedical, environmental, manufacturing, security and space industries. Services span product innovation, R&D, manufacturing bespoke measurement solutions, impartial test and calibration of instruments and training provision.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8467 2636
Booth No. 2044

Specialised Imaging Ltd

Specialised Imaging has taken the imaging of fast events a step nearer to perfection with the introduction of the SIM framing camera. Many years of experience, supported by an extensive knowledge of high-speed image capture, have been channelled into this design to provide researchers with a framing camera of unsurpassed performance.

Unlike other cameras that use intensified CCDs and optical beamsplitters, the SIM design has overcome many of the optical limitations that reduce resolution and image quality. Mating ultra-high resolution ICCDs with a purpose-designed beam splitter has resulted in dynamic resolution in excess of 50lp/mm and 12-bit dynamic range. No additional adaptation of the optical system is required for microscopy or Schlieren imaging.

Individual sensors have been preferred to provide a true 8- or 16-channel camera, avoiding the need for re-triggering and the associated reduction in sensitivity and image quality. A unique feature of this imaging system is an auxiliary optical port that shares the primary optical axis and allows simultaneous use of high-speed video or streak cameras. Laptop control over Ethernet and comprehensive software completes the package while an integral high-resolution monitor allows local focusing and subject composition without the need to return to the control computer.

Tel: +44 (0)1442 827728
Booth: 2038


Telops can accelerate your productivity with the most automated and advanced burn-in, lifetest, and characterisation system for manufacturers of optronic devices from 20mA to 100A.

V1000/C1000 are the first burn-in stations specifically designed for qualification or production environments. They provide seamless, multi-station integration to the production line and integrated DUT (device under test) ID management.

The V1000/C1000 features efficient DUT loading/unloading using multi-purpose carriers that are utilised in other manufacturing steps with a flexible thermal management solution in the 20-200ºC range. The V1000/C1000 are controlled by configurable software catering to production operators or research engineers.

The V2000 is the first characterisation station specifically designed to address the demands of the optronic component manufacturing environment. Its unique benefits include: reduced DUT damage through use of protective VX000 or CX000 carriers, faster DUT loading/unloading using multi-purpose carriers, batch testing and automatic DUT traceability via barcode.

Tel: +1 418 864 7808
Booth: 2039