Airbus UK buys first M2 machine

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ES Technology has sold its M2 machine to Airbus UK, which becomes its first UK-based customer.

The aircraft manufacturer will be using the M2 in its material and process projects as part of the research and development activities in Bristol.

The M2 LaserCusing CAD-to-metal machine, has the capability to build component parts and tools in aluminium and titanium. The M2 machine can also produce parts in various other materials including, stainless steel, Inconel 718, cobalt chrome, and DIN standard tool steels.

With a build capacity of 250 x 250 x 280mm, and build layers from 0.020-0.050mm the M2 LaserCusing machine offers the quality and accuracy expected for the production of finished parts. The M2 machine is one of a suite of machines available from Concept Laser.