Avo Photonics and AMS Tech in distribution agreement

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Avo Photonics and AMS Technologies entered into a distribution agreement by which AMS Technologies will distribute Avo Photonics products to European customers.

Avo Photonics, founded in 2003 in Pennsylvania, provides advanced contract design, prototyping and manufacturing services for photonic customers in the military, aerospace, medical, communications and industrial markets. Avo provides support from design thru production. Its design team acts as an extension to the customer's existing development group and creates optical, mechanical, thermal, electrical and system engineering solutions while allowing the unique intellectual property generated to be owned by its customer.

All of the products made for its customers are internally tested for overall performance and ruggedness. Avo Photonics has the high fidelity tools and equipment to electrically drive and optically monitor the operation of products over various wavelengths, powers and modulation speeds. In addition, Avo can characterise this performance during or after exposure to environmental stress parameters using in-house temperature, humidity, pressure, vacuum, vibration and shock equipment.