Beam analysis software now supports GigE cameras

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Ophir Photonics' BeamGage laser beam analysis software now supports GigE cameras for high-speed applications.

GigE (Gigabit Ethernet) cameras are low cost, high performance devices. They provide high speed, up to 1 Gigabit/s transmission rates, in a robust, miniature package (34 x 34 x 69mm). Based on the widely used Ethernet interface, the cameras are able to leverage the benefits of industry standard technology - ready availability, broad compatibility, and lower cost.

'Ethernet is the most widely used networking technology today,' stated Gary Wagner, president, Ophir-Spiricon. 'Its prevalence in the industry makes it an affordable, easy to use platform. The high bandwidth supports high-speed, high-resolution cameras like the GigE. Combine these features with the sophisticated beam analysis capabilities of BeamGage and you have an ideal laser measurement system for demanding applications, like machine vision and industrial drilling, engraving, and cutting.'