BFi Optilas and Amplification Technology form distribution partnership

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BFi Optilas has announced that it has become the exclusive European distribution partner of Amplification Technologies, a subsidiary company of Powersafe Technology (PSFT).

Amplification Technologies has developed a new approach for the detection of low-level signals - multichannel discrete amplification (DA) - that allows the simultaneous attainment of high gain, high speed and low excess noise in a silicon or InGaAs device.

The discrete amplification involves three steps: First, the device distributes individual signal electrons to separate independent amplification channels; second, each individual signal electron is amplified withing a separate channel to a readable charge packet; thirdly, the amplified charge packets are read. The benefits of the DA technique include single photon sensitivity, wide spectral range, relatively flat spectral sensitivity curve, voltage and thermal stability, high photon detection efficiency, wide dynamic range, fast response, high reliability and low production cost.

The technique is applicable to applications in PET scanning, medical imaging, fluorescence detection, high energy physics, spectroscopy, biological sensors, ladar and lidar, homeland security, confocal microscopy, night vision and many others.