Biophotonic Solutions closes Series A funding round

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Biophotonic Solutions Inc. (BSI), a company specialising in automated laser pulse compression, has closed a one-million-dollar Series A funding round led by the Michigan Angel Fund in the USA.

‘The Series A capital supports BSI’s resources so that we can pursue OEM business in microscopy, semiconductor processing, and the development of cost-effective ultrafast lasers with adaptive capabilities,’ said Kiyomi Monro, CEO of BSI.

Ultrafast lasers producing pulses in the multi-femtosecond range offer advantages for many commercial applications. However, currently these lasers are expensive, challenging to implement, and demand manual tweaking from a laser expert to fine-tune their output.

BSI’s proprietary technology, called MIIPS, provides automated measurement and compression of ultrafast laser pulses, automatically delivering optimised laser light to the target. The measurement and compression is carried out at a level of accuracy and resolution that is higher than what could be achieved by a laser expert and conventional optics. This new technology could ultimately enable scalable and cost-effective femtosecond laser deployment in a wide range of industrial and medical settings.