Laser Light Engines to make laser module for Elbit Systems

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Laser Light Engines will manufacture a solid-state de-speckled green laser module, the DSG-265, for Elbit Systems of America for the film projection market.

The DSG-265 laser will be incorporated into a complete red, green, blue (RGB) laser illumination system that uses a solid-state, digitally controllable light source with less energy use. Elbit is a provider of products for commercial aviation, defence, homeland security, and medical instrumentation markets.

‘This partnership with a world-class laser manufacturer is a major step forward in the commercialisation of laser-based digital projection,’ said Bill Beck. He is the founder and executive vice president of business Development at Laser Light Engines. ‘With [Elbit’s] high-volume, precision manufacturing capabilities supporting us, we are well positioned to meet the growing demand for laser illumination systems for 2D and 3D digital cinema, digital signage, and other laser illumination applications worldwide.'

Laser Light Engines supplies laser illumination products for performance digital projection, such as 3D cinema, large venue, and rental/staging.