Black markings for Sabbath bikes with YAG laser

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Titanium racing bikes made by Sabbath are to get black durable markings produced by a multimode Q-switched YAG laser.

Macclesfield based Sabbath does not paint or coat its titanium racing bikes because the metal does not rust. Decals can be added to the bikes but they will degrade over time. So Sabbath’s founder, Greg Roche, sought a way of marking the frames in a way that would last as long as the titanium. He approached laser marking specialist ES Technology. ‘ES has many different laser types that it uses to mark parts for people. They can choose from fibre, Nd:YAG or CO2. They soon found the best laser for the finish we wanted,’ said Roche.

A multimode Q-switched YAG laser was selected to mark the titanium frames. The laser produces a smooth, black shiny annealed graphic that will not degrade or wear off. ES turns around batches of various Sabbath frames in its jobshop.