Bookham acquires Laser Controller from Precision Photonics

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Bookham has acquired the LB1005 High-Speed Servo Controller product line from Precision Photonics Corporation (PPC). 

Through the New Focus product line, the LB1005 will be available immediately to the scientific laser community, and offers an addition to the company’s line of tunable and single frequency lasers.

The LB1005 high-speed servo controller is a one-box solution that allows for highly stable frequency and intensity locks on many types of lasers as well as synchronisation of pairs of lasers. It is designed for flexibility, offering independent control of the P-I corner frequency, overall servo gain, and low-frequency gain limit. 

The all-analogue design is extremely quiet and has a high bandwidth.  The controller is suited to a variety of applications, including atom/ion trapping, Bose-Einstein condensation, frequency metrology, quantum optics, and the high-speed stabilisation, synchronisation, and control of lasers.