Chip spectrometer start-up partners with home appliance manufacturer

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A demonstration of how the chip spectrometer could work within an applicance. Credit: MantiSpectra

Eindhoven-based start-up MantiSpectra has signed a framework agreement with a home appliances manufacturer to validate and accelerate the use of spectral sensing technologies in smart home appliances. 

MantiSpectra, a deep tech spin-off of Eindhoven University of Technology, has recently developed ChipSense, a photonic chip that has the potential to play a key role in mass adoption of affordable, integrated spectrometers. 

The start-up is part of PhotonDelta, a Dutch ecosystem of integrated photonics players, accelerating a leading-edge supply chain located in Europe. 

Manufacturer Vestel operates in consumer electronics, household appliances, smart home & IoT solutions, refrigerators, and more. It exports to more than 900 partners worldwide. 

In the next months, the companies will join forces to explore novel application cases in the domain of smart home appliances, exploring the opportunities offered by the mass-manufacturable near-infrared sensors developed in Eindhoven. In fact, the spectral sensing platform developed at MantiSpectra can open new scenarios and uses for future homes and can complement existing devices with material sensing functionalities. 

One potential application will be fabric type detection for washing machines, which will allow optimisation of the amount of detergent, programme duration, water amount, and temperature.

Additionally, fabric type and moisture detection features for dryers will be user friendly by operating the ideal program for the load to be dried instead of selecting among 15 programmes. Additionally, this feature will increase the efficiency of existing machines even for small loads and different textile types by measuring the moisture content more accurately than existing methods.

‘Vestel is closer to the end user for many applications envisioned for our technology and has a deep knowledge of the market opportunities,’ explained M. Petruzzella, the managing director of MantiSpectra, who first met Vestel during the virtual CES2021.

Ams Osram’s multi-junction VCSELs are helping to improve automotive lidar. Credit: Ams Osram

06 June 2022