Climate research institute installs excimer laser for lidar measurements

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Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research - Atmospheric Environmental Research), located at the Zugspitze mountain in Germany, has installed an excimer laser system from Coherent as part of its lidar system. The robust long life laser type is commonly used within Asian display manufacturing sites. The requirements of the lidar systems are similar to production requirements because the system needs to be operated by remote control over days without major interruptions.

One very reliable and precise method of researching atmospheric layers is through the use of a laser beam. Lidar (Light Detection and Ranging) can precisely detect trace gases like water vapour and ozone as well as temperature in high altitudes. Hence, the laser provides a kind of fingerprint of a single atmospheric layer. In order to avoid any disturbance during measurement caused by ground fog or local pollution, lidar systems are installed at high elevations.