Coherent acquires Nuvonyx

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Coherent has recently acquired Nuvonyx, in a move that will significantly increase the power range of its lasers.

Nuvonyx specialises in high-power laser diodes and industrial laser systems used in machining and welding. Its arrays can reach powers in excess of 50kW, using its patented cooling and stacking techniques. It is hoped the industrial systems, combined with Coherent’s technology, will provide a significantly more cost-effective solution than fibre lasers in some applications.

The move will also help Nuvonyx to reach Coherent’s worldwide growth network. Dr Mark Zediker, founder and CEO of Nuvonyx commented: ‘By combining with Coherent, Nuvonyx will be able to make an impact on the high-power laser systems and components market much faster than as a standalone entity.’