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CVI Melles Griot to split

The IDEX Optics and Photonics (IOP) platform has announced that CVI Melles Griot will be splitting into two companies, CVI Laser Optics and Melles Griot, with immediate effect.

IDEX Optics and Photonics president, Jerry Jurkiewicz, explained: 'The CVI Melles Griot brand has been repartitioned back into two brands that signify our ongoing focus on and commitment to excellence in laser optics (CVI), as well as light sources and optical systems (Melles Griot).

'This clarification better aligns our brands with our capabilities and products. Each brand will stand alone and define its excellence individually.'

CVI Laser Optics will now focus solely on high-quality laser optical components and will continue with a large catalogue and e-commerce website for standard products, a rapid semi-custom optics capability, in addition to design and manufacturing of fully custom components tailored to its OEM customers’ needs.

Melles Griot will continue to concentrate on custom capabilities in the areas of lasers and light engines in Carlsbad, CA, as well as subsystems – including lens assemblies and shutters – and fully integrated optical systems in its locations in Rochester, NY, Tamagawa, Japan, and Seoul, Korea.


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