Dr John Lincoln joins Chromacity's advisory board

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Ultrafast laser manufacturer Chromacity has appointed laser expert, Dr John Lincoln, to its strategic advisory board. The company is assembling a panel of industry authorities to help guide the direction of both its technological and market development.

Lincoln is chief executive of the UK’s Photonics Leadership Group, which provides guidance to the UK government to highlight opportunities for maximising the growth and adoption of lasers and photonic technologies. He also holds roles at a variety of photonics associations, including The Future Photonics Hub and SPIE, where he is strategic advisor for Europe.

A former laser engineer, Lincoln is excited by Chromacity’s approach to developing remote installation capability for its optical parametric oscillators (OPOs).

'I’ve been in the laser industry for 30 years and was involved in the first wave of pioneering ultrafast lasers,' Lincoln said. 'It's now intriguing to be involved in Chromacity, who are taking the next step and enhancing complex systems, such as OPOs, with remote installation capability and plug-and-play functionality.'

Chromacity also hopes to capitalise on the growing advanced materials market. The UK government has identified advanced materials and photonics among seven key technologies for future development in its recently published innovation strategy.

'The key to working with these advanced materials – processing them and measuring them – is having agility in the wavelength of your lasers,' said Lincoln. 'Chromacity’s nonlinear method of converting laser wavelength provides the agility needed to make tuneable laser wavelengths and to adapt to the world of advanced materials.'

Lincoln’s appointment follows Chromacity’s recent growth funding round of £1.2 million, most of which was earmarked for team expansion to accelerate the company’s growth.

Shahida Imani, CEO of Chromacity, said: 'With his vast depth of knowledge and experience in the development of ultrashort-pulsed lasers, we’re thrilled to welcome John to our advisory board. Crucially, John also brings an in-depth understanding of the emerging opportunities for ultrafast lasers and photonics – from government-led policy to shifts in corporate thinking, and how that can establish future direction.'