Dr Stefan Kaierle appointed department head at Laser Zentrum Hannover

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Dr Stefan Kaierle has been appointed as the head of the Materials and Processes Department of Laser Zentrum Hannover. After focusing for many years on production-technical themes, the electrical engineer will be working on process monitoring and quality assurance topics in the future.

Kaierle has held positions as the head of several departments at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT), lastly in the field of system technology, where he worked with all laser processes, especially those used in laser material processing. ‘I think it is important to bring research from the labs to the shop floor, to build a bridge between the laser institutes and industrial firms,’ said Kaierle.

Apart from his work as department head at the LZH, Kaierle is editor-in-chief of the journal LIGHT – Science and Applications, and head of the board of the European Laser Institute (ELI), a European network for bringing existing know-how in laser technology together, and supporting innovative developments in the field of laser technology and photonics.