e2v and TowerJazz extend partnership and increase production

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e2v has significantly increased production of its dental x-ray sensors incorporating TowerJazz's advanced 0.18µm CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) technology. The sensors, which are designed by e2v and produced by TowerJazz, combine a high end CMOS with x-ray conversion layers for uncompromising image quality. Dental intra-oral x-ray sensors replace the x-ray film that dentists use, providing an instant digital image on a screen rather than on film that needs developing. The design expertise of e2v, combined with the high performance manufacturing capabilities of TowerJazz, has resulted in a new generation of system-on-chip (SoC) dental sensors benefiting from high image quality and advanced levels of integration and embedded capabilities.

With a strong relationship over more than five years, e2v has been progressively increasing production over the past year, using TowerJazz’s advanced Fab2, to match demand for these advanced sensor solutions. According to e2v, the fast-growing dental x-ray sensor market, moving from film to digital and from CCD to CMOS technology, was worth $30m in 2009 and is expected to grow by 10-15 per cent annually.

'We are pleased to have TowerJazz as our manufacturing partner as we increase production volumes of our dental sensor products,' said Francois Thouret, divisional director for e2v’s high performance imaging solutions business. 'Their leading 0.18µm CMOS image sensor technology is a key enabler in providing excellent stitching performance, high yields, and a rich IP portfolio. As we continue to design and develop next-generation CMOS image sensors and our customers’ needs become more customised, we value the capabilities and flexibility of a speciality foundry partner like TowerJazz to meet our stringent requirements, offering superior process technology combined with outstanding customer support.'