e2v chief engineer awarded professorship

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The UK's Open University has made David Burt, chief engineer at e2v, a visiting professor to recognise his contribution towards training and research activities at The Open University, specifically within the e2v Centre for Electronic Imaging (CEI) based at the University’s Milton Keynes campus.

The centre, which was established in October 2008, conducts research and development into advanced technologies for scientific image sensors. One of the core goals of the CEI is the training of PhD students in the development of detector technology and scientific applications using the technology to provide a source of highly qualified individuals into scientific, industrial and government disciplines.

As part of this leading knowledge exchange activity between academia and the technology industry, the e2v CEI works with several key employees from e2v to ensure good alignment of the research activity with the needs of industry. As part of this, David Burt has been seconded to work at The Open University for one day per week. He particularly helps with the training of PhD students, of which there are currently seven working full-time within the e2v CEI group. The goal is to grow this number to approximately 12 students in coming years.

Professor Holland, director of the e2v CEI at The Open University said 'This award recognises the outstanding contribution David has made to the field during his professional career. We hope it will lead to many joint opportunities in the future, helping to underpin a strengthening collaboration, where the research has a strong industrial focus, and contributes to the competitiveness of UK industry. David’s contribution is particularly welcomed by the PhD students who all appreciate his significant contribution to training and provides them with the extra dimension of industrial relevance to their research.'