Elliot Scientific adds to product portfolio

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Elliot Scientific has added the LDR range of laser current and thermo-electric controller (TEC) driver board modules from OptoSci to its portfolio of products for the fibre, diode and telecom markets.

The LDR range of laser driver modules provide a versatile and user friendly platform for stable current and TEC control of laser diodes, SOAs, SLDs, 980 nm pump lasers and so on. 

Fully integrated digital Eurocard modules are available, designed for device characterisation, prototype development and experimental systems. They offer easy device integration, full PC control and monitoring, or set and forget operation using the on-board EPROM. 

A typical LDR module includes power supply, ZIF mount and heatsink for a 14-pin butterfly package, USB interface and PC communications cable, and full V-DRIVE control software for easy operation straight out of the box. 

Elliot Scientific is also offering the LDRS Small Form Factor OEM device driver. This is a stable, low noise 250mA or 1.0A current driver and TEC supplied in a credit card size, three board stack. It uses the same LDR core hardware and offers similar high specifications as the Eurocard modules, but is designed so that it can be readily integrated with active devices and a custom enclosure to enable provision of value-added products. 

The LDRS OEM board is supplied with the following items as standard: V-DRIVE OEM Software for setting device operating parameters, USB interface, solder mount for 14-pin butterfly packaged fibre coupled laser, SOA or similar device and an operator manual.