Ferdinand Braun Institute wins Transfer Prize for very efficient diode lasers

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The Ferdinand Braun Institute has been awarded the Transfer Prize WissensWerte for development of high-power diode lasers for materials processing.

The Institute collaborated with Jenoptik’s diode laboratory to create novel designs that achieve an efficiency of 63 per cent at an output power of 12W, compared to today’s diode lasers that deliver around 10W. The next step for the research is to achieve up to 20W while maintaining the level of efficiency and beam quality.

The Transfer Prize that the Institute won has a monetary vslue of 50,000 euros and is given by the friends of the Technology Foundation Berlin (TSB). Jenoptik is interested in such research because it is expanding its plant for high-power semiconductor lasers at its Berlin-Adlershof facility. The plan is for the production capacities to be more than doubled from 2013.