Gamma Scientific joins forces with UDT Instruments

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Gamma Scientific, a manufacturer of light measurement instruments, has joined forces with UDT Instruments, a provider of electro-optical instruments, to create a comprehensive light-measurement solutions resource. Under this arrangement, UDT Instruments has become a division of Gamma Scientific and has integrated its R&D, manufacturing and customer-support capabilities into Gamma Scientific's San Diego, California headquarters.

Richard Austin, president of Gamma Scientific, said: ‘Gamma Scientific and UDT Instruments each brings to the table more than 30 years of light-measurement expertise. Yet each company's strengths are complementary; there's very little overlap in our product lines. Consequently, customers of both Gamma Scientific and UDT Instruments will benefit from a broader product range, accelerated product innovation and improved customer service.’

Gamma Scientific plans to maintain and embellish upon UDT Instruments' success with new product innovation and across-the-board support of their entire product catalogue.