Mode-Gap presentation lined up for ECOC

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Mode-Gap, the European collaborative R&D project, part of the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme, which aims to provide Europe with a lead in the development of the next generation telecommunication networks, will present its latest developments at this month’s ECOC event in London (22-26 September).

Some 15 papers will be presented during the main conference session describing advances in all aspects of component and system design for few mode fibre (FMF) transmission.

The project researches next generation transmission targeted at combating the potential capacity crunch using spatial division multiplexing (SDM). Two options are available for SDM multicore fibres or multimode fibres and Mode-Gap is focussed on investigating the multimode approach. This involves research into all aspects of the system, from basic fibre and components development through to subsystems and full system validation.

In addition to exploring SDM over few mode solid core silica fibre, Mode-Gap has already achieved record transmission results over hollow core-PBGF fibres for transmission and in the 2,000nm region, offering increased bandwidth opportunities.

With Mode-Gap presenting its latest results in transmission and contributing components, ECOC will be an ideal opportunity to witness how the project has contributed to the global research into potential SDM solutions.

Dr Ian Giles, project manager of Mode-Gap, said: 'The research carried out by the project over the past three years has helped progress the field and increase our understanding of the implications for using few mode fibres to assist in increasing transmission capacity. The work is continuing for another year and we anticipate further progress towards demonstrating the feasibility of a multi-mode fibre based approach for future networks.'