IDEX forms Optics and Photonics platform

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IDEX Corporation has brought three business units - ATFilms, CVI Melles Griot and Semrock - under a newly-formed umbrella - IDEX Optics and Photonics (IOP).

IOP has a substantial international presence with manufacturing facilities in Asia, Europe, and North America, including its headquarters in Albuquerque, NM, which is the original home of CVI Laser.

According to IOP president Michael Cumbo: 'With three highly regarded business units, each enabled by high-performance thin-film interference coating technologies, IOP is continuously improving the components and engineering solutions that our customers rely upon to achieve higher levels of product differentiation in today’s competitive global marketplace. We are committed to building the platform through sustained R&D investment, mixed-model lean manufacturing, and development of the most talented team in the photonics industry.'

'By maintaining our existing brands and cross-pollinating technical expertise within IOP, we’ll continue to interact with customers at the apex of product performance, engineering excellence, and project management efficiency,' said Turan Erdogan, IOP chief technology officer. 'The result is a winning combination for the product/solution value chain, reduction of our customers’ supply base complexity, and setting new best-practice standards for the entire industry.'