II-VI and Lite-On Technology partner to mass produce lidar components

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Semiconductor laser company II-VI is partnering with Lite-On Technology, a supplier of optoelectronic components, in the volume manufacturing and commercialisation of packaged semiconductor lasers for mass-market lidar. 

The rapid proliferation of lidar in automotive, commercial and industrial applications is driving the demand for low-cost semiconductor laser devices that can be manufactured in very high volumes. II-VI and Lite-On will combine respective high-volume manufacturing platforms for semiconductor lasers and optoelectronic packaging to jointly commercialise a broad portfolio of laser solutions spanning from near-infrared (NIR) to shortwave infrared (SWIR), with the first product to launch in mid-2020.      

‘By leveraging our deep experience in low-cost packaging and high-volume manufacturing, as well as our sales channels in automotive, commercial, and industrial markets, we will be able to meet the window of opportunity for high-volume lidar applications,’ said Sander Su, associate vice president, Lite-On Technology. 

‘Lite-On leverages its global manufacturing footprint and sales channels to ship billions of light-emitting diodes each year in automotive and consumer electronics, making them an ideal partner for II-VI,’ said Dr Karlheinz Gulden, the firm’s vice president, laser devices and systems business unit. ‘We look forward to developing the most vertically integrated lidar laser sources on the market, driving our competitive leadership, both in terms of performance and value.’

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