Imec and Veeco announce collaboration

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Belgian nanoelectronics research centre Imec and Veeco Instruments are collaborating on a project aimed at lowering the cost of producing gallium nitride on silicon (GaN-on-Si) -based power devices and LEDs.

Imec's multi-partner GaN-on-Si research and development programme gathers the industry to jointly develop world-class GaN LED and power devices on 200mm silicon substrates compatible with a 200mm CMOS-compatible infrastructure. By joining forces the companies will share costs, talent and intellectual property to develop advanced technologies and bring them to the market faster.

Veeco’s MOCVD equipment features excellent film quality and low defects, which are key for effective GaN-on-Si processing. It also incorporates Veeco's Uniform FlowFlange technology for superior uniformity and excellent run-to-run repeatability. Low maintenance TurboDisc technology enables highest system availability, excellent particle performance and high throughput.

Barun Dutta, Imec’s chief scientist, explained: 'The productivity, repeatability, uniformity and crystal quality of Veeco’s metal organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) equipment has been instrumental in helping us meet our development milestones on GaN-on-Si for power and LED applications.

'The device performance enabled by the epi has helped us realise state-of-the-art D-mode (depletion mode) and E-mode (enhancement mode) power devices. Our goal is to establish an entire manufacturing infrastructure that allows GaN-on-Si to be a competitive technology.'