InnoLas Laser buys Advanced Optical Technology short-pulse product line

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InnoLas Laser is acquiring Advanced Optical Technology's complete short-pulse product line.

Advanced Optical Technology’s short-pulse products are compact and unique efficient high repetition-rate short-pulse solid state lasers (nano-and picosecond) operating with high energy in the UV, visible and near infrared.

Starting in January 2012 the manufacturing of the lasers will be relocated from Advanced Optical Technology’s UK site to the InnoLas Laser headquarters in Krailling, Germany. At the same time sales and customer services will begin to be organised from Germany too.

Advanced Optical Technology said: ‘The agreement provides an excellent opportunity for the growth of the product line and expansion of market penetration.’

Proprietary high speed switching technology allows these E-O Q-switched laser products to deliver kHz pulses below 1ns duration that are synchronisable to external events with sub-nanosecond accuracy. They are intended for a wide range of R&D, scientific and high precision industrial applications.