JDSU UV lasers used in LED manufacturing

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JDSU has shipped more than 100 of its Q Series UV lasers for the scribing of wafers used in the manufacturing of LEDs. LEDs produced with the Q Series UV laser are used in products such as backlit LCD televisions, automotive lighting, and as a more energy efficient alternative to conventional light bulbs. According to research firm iSuppli, shipments of backlit LCD TVs that use LEDs will rise to 98.8 million by 2013, accounting for about 43 per cent of the global LCD TV market.

The LED wafer scribing process that utilises the Q Series UV laser has become the most widely accepted method for volume LED manufacturing in recent years, because it allows LED manufacturers to achieve increased yields and lower consumable costs.

JDSU states that the Q Series lasers are well suited to the wafer scribing application due to their high energy and beam stability, high pulse repetition rate, and stable laser performance, reducing system maintenance over time.